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Mail Check to:
Joe Batte Campaign
916 Sundrop Court
Marco Island, FL 34145

Re-Elect Joe Batte, Marco Island City Council

Message to my constituents, neighbors and friends

I trust that this communication finds you well and continuing to enjoy the many pleasures our Island paradise provides to all of us every day. My name is Joe Batte and I have been your elected representative on the Marco Island City Council since March, 2010. On that date, you honored me via the election process, and placed upon me the responsibility to represent you within this high position of trust. I have always regarded this as a very special gift, given by the electorate, with only one requirement, that being service to the people with integrity and total commitment to their safety and quality of life. In my four-and-one-half years plus service to you, I have kept this requirement foremost in my mind and have striven to serve you well.

Today, I am here to tell you that after much discussion with my immediate family and my Marco Island family and friends, I have decided to ask your support to re-elect me to another four years as your representative on theCity Council. Now I must be honest in telling you that this decision to ask you to continue my service to the city was not an easy one. My first term on Council required long hours not only in the legislating that is required, but also in the numerous hours spent at meetings, community events, and most important, the three to four days weekly meetings with my constituents. But again, its been a privilege to serve each of you, and the satisfaction you have returned to me many times, has been heartening, especially the many of you who have contacted me recently saying, “Hey, Joe, you need to run again!”

Another honor bestowed on me by my brothers on Council was their electing me to be their chair when the new Council was seated after the last election. My primary goal as chair was to create a better relationship and feeling between our citizens and their city government. I tried to build upon the theme the voters voiced at the polls. That being transparency, judicious conservatism and the need for council to be open and responsive to their “bosses,” the electorate.

Thanks to a very talented group of fellow councilors, this Council has been successful in “filling the Council Chamber” at every meeting. The long waiting list of Marco citizens willing to serve on important citizens advisory committees is evidence to this Council’s continued positive response to the people of Marco Island. I see our people more at home with their Council, and that’s all I need to continue on, and this is the track I want us to continue on going forward!

So in all humility, I ask you to look back at my last four years plus on your City Council and determine if my voting record and overall performance framed by integrity and courtesy, is worthy of my continuance as your representative on Council. I know you will do your homework and when you have completed it, will give me your endorsement for re- election in November.


JOE B AT T E | Marco Island City Council